Wake Up Tour 2016

It has been around 9 months since I saw The Vamps on there UK tour in Birmingham’s Genting arena 25th March, as the band supported the release of their second studio album, ‘Wake Up’. So here is a quick round-up of what took place and my thoughts of the live show.

First up were Irish six piece, Hometown. They performed a couple of covers including the likes of  ‘Hello’ by Adele. They also played their hit single ‘Where I belong’. They also performed ‘The night we met’ which was helped written by Liam Payne. They interacted with the crowd and thanked the fans for the journey they had been on.

Conor Maynard gave an energising performance, their was a DJ and drummer on stage. He danced around, interacted a lot with the crowd and got them on their feet. He performed many of his popular songs including ‘Crazy’, ‘Turn around’, ‘Can’t say no’. He also fit in a few covers including ‘Work’, ‘Where are you Now’, ‘Trap Queen’  with his own mash-ups.

Favourite tracks – ‘Crazy’, ‘Vegas Girl’, ‘Royalty’

The Tide are a 4 piece band originating for California, who have been signed to the same record label as The Vamps. The band consists of, Austin Corini with lead vocals and guitar, Drew Dirksen with lead guitar and backing vocals, Levi Jones on bass guitar and backing vocals and Nate Parker on drum and backing vocals.

They were also one out of the four supporting acts for The Vamps UK arena tour. They performed their now hit single ‘Click My Fingers’. They also performed a song they had written called ‘What you give’. The Tide was very confident and interacted with the crowd alot .

Favourite tracks- ‘Click My Fingers’, ‘What you give’, ‘Young Love’


The Vamps are a British (pop rock)  band with 4 members; Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans. With Brad and James on lead vocals and guitar, Connor on bass guitar and vocals and Tristan on drums and vocals.

The Vamps had a long-awaited entrance on stage. Giving a quick view of there life before joining the band. They played a couple of videos and clips of funny moments and the band dressing as old men interviewing each other and messing around.

When it was time for them to come on stage there was a countdown on the screen as the crowd fell silent for their appearance. Before they began to perform, Brad mentioned how it good it felt for him to be back in his hometown and adressed the crowd as ‘sexy bunch’.

They covered popular artists music including Justin Bieber, One Direction, Shawn Mendes. Tristan showed off his amazing  rapping skills to Silento’s part on ‘Volcano’. James and Connor did a cute acoustic . The Vamps also performed ‘Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)’ featuring New Hope Club. Also Tristan did a mad drum solo to popular songs including a classic of Willow Smith ‘Whip My Hair’.

Favourite tracks- ‘Volcano’, ‘I Found A Girl’, ‘Wake Up’

New Hope Club are a band also originating from the UK; consists of Reece Bibby (Vocals, Bass,Drums), Blake Richardson (Vocals, Guitar) George Smith (Vocals, Guitar) For New Hope Club it was their first time playing in a Arena which was a good opporunity for them to reach a wider audience. They started out by uploading video covers to youtube including numerous covers of popular songs on YouTube; including ‘Oh Cecila( Breaking My Heart)’ by The Vamps. Which they had performed alongside The vamps.

Rating: 10/10


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