New Hope Club



New Hope Club are a British pop band consisting of Blake Richardson on vocals and guitar, George Smith on guitar and vocals, and Reece Bibby on bass guitar, vocals and drums.

Who are currently signed to The Vamps label “Steady Records”.

They started out by releasing covers on their YouTube channel of songs by The Vamps, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes.

They recently uploaded a cover of Harry Styles’ Two Ghosts ft Doug Armstrong.

Let’s not forget their music video they released for ‘Fixed’. This upbeat video gave their fans a chance to appear in the video. Also knowing New Hope Club, just released their new EP Welcome to the Club. Which consists of Fixed, Water, Friend of a friend and Perfume.

They first played in a arena on the 25th march 2016, Birmingham Genting Arena where they had supported The Vamps Wake Up Tour.

So let’s give them a helping hand throughout their journey to headlining a tour one day!


Photography by @DeanSherwood (Instagram)

Follow the band on Instagram- @newhopeclub, @newhopereece, @newhopeblake @newhopegeorge.

Subscribe to their YouTube channel:


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